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To grow a sustainable business, to pursue commercial opportunities and to invest in production, logistics, marketing and sales, you need to be confident and sure that your existing and new cosmetic products are compliant with the EU cosmetic regulations. Now and in the future.

Assessment against current and future EU cosmetic regulations

Your product type and composition are assessed against the current Cosmetics Regulation and the latest approved regulatory amendments

Always up to date and comprehensive cosmetic regulation data

Details of approved amendments to the EU Cosmetics Regulation are included in the assessment, including mandatory product label warnings and use instructions.

24/7 immediate compliance results on your cosmetic product

Quick, easy and guided data entry (manual or upload) and instant compliance results. Simple as that, no strings attached!

High quality and reliable results

Created by leading experts with 15+ years of experience. The results are used by the largest cosmetics companies to manage the compliance of thousands of cosmetic products.

Partners on the EU Cosmetics Regulation

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The Regulatory Company

The databases and algorithms have been developed in partnership with The Regulatory Company. The Regulatory Company is a well-known service provider of regulatory services for cosmetics, food supplements, related product categories and REACH with offices in the Netherlands and the UK.



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Enter details and cumulative composition of your cosmetic product
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EU Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance Report (pdf)

Full product compliance report (EU)
Product and individual ingredient compliance status
Full individual ingredient compliance details, e.g. applicable thresholds, purity criteria, (potential) regulated constituents, mandatory label information and mandatory use instructions
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