About DIY Compliance Manager

We place product compliance and safety first, and we know that managing compliance and safety can be very complex, an enormous time effort and utterly frustrating.

Manufacturers, Brand owners, Importers and Distributors

For many starting and medium sized (3rd party) manufacturers, brand owners, importers and distributors outsourcing compliance management is not an affordable option. In particular to non-EU organisations it is not an easy task to always be on top of the latest status of the EU Cosmetics Regulations.

However, before making investments to expand your portfolio, to enter new markets or to innovate on your existing portfolio, you want to be as sure as possible that your investments will pay off.

It is key to have insight in your product safety and compliance early on. And when the timing is right, to work towards fully compliant products with complete and high-quality dossiers, and compliant labels.

DIY Compliance Manager

What if you could focus your working day on value creation, product development, marketing and sales, and more?

What if you would NOT have to spend a great deal of your valuable time to manage product dossiers; to assess safety and compliance against expanding, ever changing and incomprehensible regulations; to manage label compliance; to share mandatory product information in the supply chain?

... we started DIY Compliance Manager so that you can:

validate your ingredient listing
assess the regulatory compliance of your product

… and in the near future

build the product PIF
perform the Safety Assessment
create the CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report)
generate your Label Briefing with all (mandatory) information for your label and with online sales
benefit from other important features
We created DIY Compliance Manager for you
to make compliance management easy
for both experts and non-experts
with high quality data
the latest available technology
modular in set-up
with instant results
and reports at very affordable one-off fees